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Currently we have detected [cvct-text field="confirmed"]+ total Corona Virus cases worldwide. Current recovery rate is [cvct-text field="recovered-per"], as [cvct-text field="recovered"] patients have recovered out of total [cvct-text field="confirmed"]+ covid-19 cases.

Unfortunately, [cvct-text field="death"]+ people have died due to this virus infection, today we had [cvct-text field="today-deaths"] deaths and the mortality rate is currently [cvct-text field="death-per"] around the world. [cvct-text field="active"]+ cases are still active, that represents [cvct-text field="active-per"] of the total number of cases detected worldwide. We also have [cvct-text field="critical"]+ critical cases as up today.
[cvct country-code="all" style="style-2" title="Global Stats" label-total="Total Cases" label-deaths="Deaths" label-active="Active Cases" label-recovered="Recovered" bg-color="#DDDDDD" font-color="#000"]
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COVID-19 Top 50 Countries

[cvct country-code="all" style="style-5" title="Worldwide Covid-19 Cases" label-total="Total" label-deaths="Deaths" label-recovered="Recovered" bg-color="#20202b" font-color="#fff"] [cvct-tbl layout="layout-1" show="50" bg-color="#20202b" font-color="#ffffff"]

COVID-19 Cases Stats

[cvct-charts title="COVID-19 Total Cases Stats" show-data="cases" country="all" bar-color="" type="bar" ] [cvct-charts title="COVID-19 Total Active Cases Stats" show-data="active" country="all" bar-color="" type="bar" ] [cvct-charts title="COVID-19 Total Recovered Cases Stats" show-data="recovered" country="all" bar-color="" type="bar" ] [cvct-charts title="COVID-19 Total Deaths Cases Stats" show-data="deaths" country="all" bar-color="" type="bar" ]

Rate Distribution charts

[cvct-rate-distribution-charts title="Global data" country_code="all" label-confirmed=" confirm cases" label-recovered=" recovered cases" label-deaths="death cases" label-critical="critical cases" label-active="Active cases"]

COVID-19 World Stats History

[cvct-historical-charts country-code="all" theme="dark" days-data="17" title="World COVID-19 Cases" width="100" height="350" font-color="#ddd" label-cases="Case" label-deaths="Death" label-recovered="Recovered"]
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