Frequently Asked Questions

1How TWIGA works?
TWIGA is an online account where you can store your funds for any future online transaction. With your TWIGA account you can make payments and online purchases.
2How can I get an ewallet account?
Select the option “register” and set up your TWIGA account for FREE, it takes just a few minutes. You have to be at least 18 years old to create an account.
3How do I verify my account?
You need to submit the necessary documentation at the verification page within the login area. All required documents need to be in color form, and proof of address documents need to be recently issued (within 3 months).
4How do I add money to my ewallet account?
You can load funds to your ewallet account via:

• Bank transfer - (SEPA)
• Mastercard®
• Wallet to wallet transfers
• the eMoneysafe voucher™.
5What countries are supported?
You need to be a resident in the European Union in order to apply for an TWIGA account.
6How can I change my address or my registered mobile number?
You need to contact our customer support team and provide the necessary documentation in order to change your address or your registered mobile number.
7How can I withdraw funds from my wallet account?
Funds can be withdrawn from your eWallet account to any IBAN account via SEPA transfer.

You can also send funds to your TWIGA card.
8How can I get a TWIGA IBAN Account?
You must have a verified wallet account to be able to get a TWIGA IBAN Account.
9How can I get a TWIGA card?
You must have a verified wallet account to be able to order a TWIGA card.
10How do I activate my card and receive my PIN?
Step 1:
After you receive your card press on the “Activate” button and follow the onscreen instructions.

Step 2:
You will receive your card PIN number at the mobile that you registered with us.
11I forgot my card PIN! What can I do?
You can login into your TWIGA account and choose TWIGA card and the option RESEND PIN.
12I want to change my card PIN! What can I do?
You can change your card PIN at any ATM that accepts Mastercard cards.
13How long does it takes to receive my TWIGA card?
After you place your order, it usually takes 5-7 business days to receive your card.
14Can I activate the card before I receive it?
No, you must receive your card first.
15Is my card 3D secured enabled?
Yes, the TWIGA card supports the 3D secure feature. All TWIGA cards are automatically enrolled in the service upon issuance.
16How does TWIGA 3D Secure work?
When you buy something online, you’ll get redirected to a “Processing...” page after you’ve entered your payment details or, in some cases, you may be asked to provide further information to help us verify the payment.
17Does 3D Secure cost anything?
No – it’s free to all TWIGA customers.
18Which browsers and computer or devices work with TWIGA 3D Secure?
TWIGA 3D Secure can be used from any computer on mobile device connected to the web that has a compatible browser such as Google Chrome - Mozilla Firefox - Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 and above - Netscape Navigator 7.1 and above - AOL 9 and above Opera - Safari.
19What if I have software that eliminates pop-up boxes?
Some software won’t allow pop-ups. If you have such a software installed, you must disable it or change the settings to allow pop-ups for TWIGA 3D Secure to operate properly.
20What should I do if I’m buying something online but the TWIGA 3D Secure summary box doesn’t appear?
It may be that the retailer doesn’t use 3D Secure yet, but you may still be able to complete the purchase. Simply follow the normal checkout process. In some instances transaction will not be able to be completed if the retailer does not support 3D Secure protocol.
21How can I block my card in case it is lost or stolen?
You can block your card in case it is lost or stolen via the following ways:
• Login into your wallet account (web or applications) and choose the option “Block Card”.
• Login and contact our customer support team to inform us about the situation.
22What are the limits and fees of my TWIGA card?
Please review the TWIGA card Terms And Conditions to review the limits and fees related to your TWIGA card or click here to view them.
23Is spending at any merchant restricted with my card?
You cannot use your TWIGA card at automated fuel pumps.
24What currencies are supported for spending with my TWIGA card?
You can use your card to make purchases worldwide in any currency. An appropriate fee and exchange rate will be applied for the purchase in any other currency than the currency of your card.
25I don't recognize a card payment! What should I do?
In case you don't recognize a card payment please contact our customer support team immediately to let us know of this incident. Our customer support team will instruct you further on the issue accordingly.
26How can I contact TWIGA support?
You can get in touch with TWIGA support via email, live chat or by phone. Visit our "contact page" for more info



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